06 February, 2008

Four ways to turn short rows

References for four short row turning methods:

Wrap & Turn (W&T), Yarnover (YO, Over), Japanese, and Catch.

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, "Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy" (YO method p. 39ff).

Montse Stanley, "Knitters Handbook" (W&T (here called Tie), YO (Over) and Catch).

Elizabeth Zimmerman, "Knitting Workshop" (W&T).

Veronik Avery, "Short Rows: A Few Stitches Short of a Row" Interweave Knits Winter 2004 (all four methods).

Ondori, "Basic Crochet & Knit" ("The Scary Doll Book" - Japanese method).

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