03 February, 2008

Swatching Temptation, with Math

Greenlake swatch

I knit a test run with Greenlake. I love the way the fabric turned out; flexible, with a good soft hand. My gauge is not the same as Wendy's, but since Temptation is simple stockinette and is written in her usual beautifully orderly way, I can reengineer the pattern to fit my gauge.

I'm not worrying about row gauge for these socks; they are for me, so I can try them on as I go. Wendy's pattern is for a stitch gauge of 8 per inch. My gauge with the Hazel Knits yarn and 2.75 mm needles (US 2)is 28 stitches per 10 cm (4 inches), or 7 stitches per inch.

To adjust Wendy's pattern to suit my gauge, I need to calculate the difference between her stitch gauge and mine, and use that ratio to recalculate the number of stitches to cast on. The formula is:

(my gauge / pattern gauge) * pattern cast-on

I chose the smaller pattern size, which calls for casting on 66 stitches. My 7 st/in divided by Wendy's 8 st/in yields 0.875. 66 stitches multiplied by 0.875 is 57.75, which I will round up to 58. So, I'll be casting on (66 - 58) = 8 fewer stitches, and I'll need to reduce the stitch count in the heel and toe parts of the pattern as well. I will document those as I come to them, but for now I can cast on for real, knit the leg, and find out how good my math is.

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