03 April, 2008

Embossed Leaves Cast-On (and On)

Embossed Leaves Cuff

The Embossed Leaves socks pattern (Ravelry link) by Mona Schmidt is published both in Interweave Knits Winter 2005 issue, and in the book Favorite Socks.

In both sources, the pattern calls for a 1x1 rib cast on. I cast on as prescribed, but the edge did not look, to my eye, like the photo in the pattern. It was not very stretchy and had a pointy look, instead of the softly rounded edge in the photo. Research on the Ravelry boards led me to a tutorial on Mona's blog (see links in her sidebar) demonstrating the cast on she intended the socks to have: the tubular cast on from Montse Stanley's Knitters Handbook (p. 78).

I also found an excellent video of this technique, with additional explanation, on Ysolda's site. The photo above is my 2nd start on the sock, with tubular cast on, looking at least closer to what it should be. So this project has begun in my usual fashion: read a bit, knit a bit, read a bit, frog a bit, and repeat.

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Rayleen said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for your compliment on my blog. I almost bought this color and now I wish I did! I guess I'll have to add it to my mental list of Hazel Knits yarn to buy. :)