18 April, 2009


I've finally finished my class project for the four harness loom class I took at Weaving Works.

Hazel Knits Woven Scarf

This scarf is woven from Hazel Knits Artisan Sock wool. The warp and fringe are Deep Peacock, and the weft is Grape Harvest. This yarn is from the 2009 HK Sock Club.

The loom sett was 9 epi (ends per inch) and my pattern is plain weave (tabby) with a basket weave stripe at each end. The blocked scarf is 52 inches (1 m 30 cm) long and 6 inches (16 cm) wide. The fabric drapes beautifully and is very soft.


Trisha said...

Very pretty! I love the colors.

Kath said...

That is just gorgeous!