09 December, 2009


Many, many months ago, I lost my knitting mojo. Every few weeks, I knit a few rows on the same sock I started back in January. I've only bought 4 skeins of yarn this year (well, maybe 6). But last week, two beautiful new pair of socks appeared in my house:

Socks by Rayleen

How could this be? Is it magic?

Socks by Rayleen

It is a kind of magic: the kindness of a fellow knitter. These socks, as my fellow Hazel Knits fans will guess, are the work of the incomparable Rayleen. I asked Ray a while ago if she'd be willing to knit me a pair of socks in trade for some wool, and she kindly agreed. But this week, she sent me not only the socks I'd asked for, but another lovely pair as well.

Brainless by Rayleen

These are Yarnissima's "Brainless" pattern, which despite its name looks quite brainy and refined to me. The yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in color Laguna.

Kai-Mei by Rayleen

And these sweet things are Cookie A's "Kai-Mei" from her "Sock Innovation" book, in Hazel Knits color Violetta. I love the frosted grape look of this colorway. I love the way the lace panel wraps gracefully around the top of each foot.

Kai-Mei by Rayleen

All the socks fit perfectly. I don't know how she does it. Thank you, Ray! World's best care package. I love them very much.


I, er....Hi. I'm Rayleen. said...

Now I'm blushing. I'm glad you like them.


PS, I know you said they fit BUT if they need to be lengthened, shortened, etc, it won't bother me to do that. I'm obsessive, can you tell?

Kath said...

Oh that Rayleen! I think she's a sock knitting goddess. What a wonderful gift!

Unfurled said...

That is a wonderful gift! And thanks so much for your bread rec. I'm going to try it this weekend!!