28 August, 2008

Blankie of Doom

Boathouse Baby Blankie Nr. 3

My boathouse is having an outbreak, a small epidemic, a raft, a WAVE of babies recently. The crew Stitch & Bitch group is dealing with it in our usual cooperative manner by knitting yet another baby blankie (this is number 3 this year). Our best knitter starts the blankie, and we pass it on from rower to rower, each knitting a section according to our knit-ability (or patience for tedious miles of cotton).

I have the knitting of the blankie this week, and it is not a happy time. The yarn is heavy worsted cotton/poly (ggh Tara), the needles are Addi Turbo 5.5 mm (US #9) and my hands are sore after 4 rows (144 stitches per row). I cannot love fat needles. Oh, and as you can see, it is cream-color, which means clean hands always and no tea anywhere near the thing.

However, I'm pacing myself and taking breaks, and might get done tonight with my 24 or so row section. Only 8 rows to go before I sleep...

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