01 September, 2008

High C

The Sock Knitters Anonymous Ravelry forum started our new year of sock challenges today. September's challenge is orange yarn and/or a pattern by Cookie A. I've had a skein of Hazel Knits artisan sock "high ocTANG" burning up my stash for months, so I'm knitting it up in the "Spring Forward" pattern. I've seen Spring Forward knit up in many colors and they've all looked good; it's one of those lucky patterns.

There has been some long-winded discussion on the forum about what exactly counts as orange yarn. Nobody could doubt that high ocTANG is orange, but just in case, I took a snap of it in my fruit bowl, next to some real oranges.

High C Socks

1 comment:

amandajean said...

oh, that orange yarn is lovely! I also like the pattern you are using for the socks. I soo wish I could knit socks.